"I do not know if you remember the tale of the girl who saves the ship under mutiny by sitting on the powder barrel with her lighted torch and all the time knowing that it is empty? This has seemed to me a charming image of the women of my time. There they were, keeping the world in order by sitting on the mystery of life, and knowing themselves that there was no mystery."

-Isak Dinesen

L.B. McGill               Comedian/Philosopher/Artist

     L.B. (Loralie) McGill, was born June 15, 1963, in upstate NY.  She was introduced early, to classic literature; giving her an appreciation for the written word. A lover of letters, music, and theater, she continued her education independently after high school.  Her post formal educational studies  include; owning and operating a nonprofit children’s theater and producing an independent film. She lives in the mountain town of Julian CA.

About Me

· Produced and Directed: 30 live stage performances.

· Produced, Written and Directed: One, Mini-Feature Film.

· Produced, Written and Directed: One Short-Film.

· Written: Two TV Pilots.

· Written: One Children’s Novella.

· Written: Two Short Stories.

· Written: Three Screen Plays.

· Written: Two Stage Plays.

· Written: One-thousand page exam: on "The Meaning of Life".

· I paint, draw, and write poetry.

· I'm a professional musician, singer, songwriter.

· I was the lead in a play that went to The American College Theater  Festival.

· I worked as a professional clown and singing telegram for ten years.

· I’ve written shows for and performed at the Del Mar Fair.

· I made the Children's Stage at The Westfield Mall in Carlsbad

· I was a Stage Manager and Costume Designer at North County Rep.

· I owned and operated a Non-Profit Children’s Theater for 7 years.

· I have studied music and dance.

· I edited my own film.

· I am an accomplished seamstress and made the costumes for the children's theater.

· I made the props and painted the scenery for the  children’s theater.

· I've owned 3 businesses.

· I’m a paper mache- artist and sold my artwork professionally for 5    years.

· I taught theater at a charter school.

· I cook

· I’ve traveled to China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia,          Ireland, Mexico City. and Hawaii.

· I ride horses

· I love camping and the outdoors

· I love plants

· I have 5 children and 7 grandchildren

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