The Carpenter and the Thief By: L.B. McGill

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"The Carpenter and The Thief"

Romantic Comedy

Darcy and Dick haven't seen each other in 25 years. They had a chance encounter on a moonless October night, in a cornfield in Iowa, when they were 25-years old. Now that Dick has finally contacted Darcy after so many years,  a kaleidoscope of memories come flooding in and she is transported back to when she first met "The Star-Man".

Short Story: 10,000 words. Adult Fiction

Lover's Conspiracy: By L.B. McGill 

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"Lover's Conspiracy"

Crime Drama

Wendy and Bruce were divorced seven years ago and Wendy  has remarried. Bruce isn't giving up though because he still loves her. Bruce know's that Wendy's husband Bill, is a bad guy and he's going to make sure Wendy knows what kind of a monster she's married to. If this happens to cause her to break up with him, well, that's not really his fault now is it? Bruce has a plan to expose Bill, but he needs Wendy's help to catch the criminal.

Short Story: 10,000 words.

Adult Fiction WARNING explicit sex scenes and some sexual violence

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