Children's Literature

Winkie and the Sunflower By: L.B. McGill
A young bee, bright and inventive, seeks to be a member of the Queen's Royal Guard, by building a wild contraption to improve their lives. Only to discover that life does not always go as planned and he may need to grow up faster than he expected. Miss Moffet, a beautiful and wise sunflower, tending to her garden and glowing amid the sunlight; Learns, all too easily, that love is everywhere and sadness is only temporary. 
The Adventures of Lil Squirrel By: L.B. McGill
"The Adventures of Lil Squirrel" is a 5 part series that begins with the first story "The Watchers Keep", to be released the spring of 2019.
The story follows the life of a young squirrel, named Lil (from "Winkie and The Sunflower") who feels displaced, so she runs away from home. She is flung early into a world she doesn't understand and travels to the far off land of New Novis, looking for a better life. She also needs give a very special letter to the mother of the well dressed porcupine we met in "Winkie and the Sunflower".
Come join the adventure!

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