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What is a Choffee'Ola?

A Choffee’Ola is a gourmet granola bar filled with chocolate and coffee. All of our Choffee’Olas are hand crafted and made from fine, fresh ingredients, just like the ones you would find in your Mama’s cupboards. We use fresh gourmet coffee beans, crushed, and never ground one batch at a time. We only use high quality chocolate and top of the line dried fruits and nuts. Your Choffee'Olas come shipped to your front door in a beautiful reusable 16oz tin. FREE shipping and handling. (Ships to US only)

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  • Original $10

Ingredients: Rolled oats, rice crisps, coconut, unbleached flour, brown sugar, honey, butter, chocolate, coffee, vanilla and baking soda. 









  • CruBerry $10

Blueberry and Cranberry 










  • Fluffer Nutter $10

Marshmallows and Peanut Butter










  • NuttyNannas $10

Pecans and Banana Chips












  • S’mores $10

Graham Cracker and Marshmallows









  • Banana Split $10

Pecans, Banana Chips, Cherries and Marshmallows










  • Health Nut $10

Pecans, Walnuts and Cashews










  • ToffeeChoffee $10

Toffee and Coffee

  • FrankenMaple $10

Bacon and Maple Syrup



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