Dead Serious

Dead Serious

Directors:  LB McGill

Asst. Director Jamie O'Connor

Screenwriter:  LB McGill

Genre: Comedy


Paul Risario woke up the morning of his opening after a bad dream. It was a strange dream filled with Greek Goddesses, castration, theatrical mayhem, a werewolf, and a vampire. He thought it must symbolize something that he was missing. Was he happy? He thought he was. Okay so he was hiding a thing or two. His marriage was probably falling apart on close examination, but he was easily distracted from marital un-bliss by the presence of his mistress. So he dressed himself, and like a man golfing in the rain, he seems unaware that lighting is about to strike.

Susan Risario is climbing the ladder of success. She is attentive to her husband, she is a caretaker, and she is a giver. Or is she? Sometimes you don’t know how ugly your ambitions have become until a bat swoops out of the sky, bites you on the neck and turns you into the blood-sucking vampire you always were, but couldn’t admit.

At least Marissa is happy. She’s found the love of her life! Paul Risario is the answer to all her problems. Paul is going to make her forget about her aging acting career, her abusive husband and undirected destiny. She mustn’t look too closely at things or she just might realize she’s a hot mess. That is until a roving werewolf bites her on the leg and she has to come face to face with the fact that everything isn’t as it seems and she can take control.

Can the life of these three misdirected humans ever get straight? It will take some divine intervention, and the help of the quirky but loveable cast of Dracula the musical. In the end the Gods will have their way and the happy go lucky fools, will have to become dead serious.

Watch the short film here. 19 minutes (Created as a promotional tool)

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