That's a very good question; hopefully I can supply you with some very good answers.


  • We're Job Creators!


San Diego is a wonderful city filled with amazing talent.  Tin KB Coffee Co. Pictures wants to put vitality back into our filmmaking industry. That means money in the pockets of our artists, which means money in the pockets of other San Diego small businesses!


  • We support women in film!


Most industries have moved to include women. There are lots of female doctors, lawyers, and even Judges. We have more and more female politicians every day and we are even rising in the ranks of fortune 500 companies, but what about film? Not so much. The industry as a whole has still yet to embrace female directors, writers, and producers. Even as an actress, you are often relegated to a sub-role, while your male counterpart carries the story. Honestly, we don't think that's because women are uninteresting, or incapable, we think it's just an oversight. All of our projects currently under development either center around strong female leads or were written by a woman. Most if not all will be directed and produced by a woman. Now, that's what I call progress!


  • We're producing films people want to see.


Are you tired of seeing things blown up? So are we! Remember the day when you could pick up a great novel and get lost in the mystery of human relationships? Remember a time when movies reflected who we were as a nation, as a people? We would like to go back to that time; a time when films were centered around their characters and not their number of explosions.

What is a Choffee'Ola?

A Choffee'Ola is the brain-child of our co founder L.B. McGill. Given the task of thinking up a delicious one of a kind irresistible treat, he sent his idea to our kitchen. LB McGill, our chef, thought he was CRAZY! "What?" she exclaimed. "Coffee in a granola bar? Okay, it's so unique, it just might work!" So she put on her apron and started cooking up batches of this never before tried snack.

What a hit! The teenager and husband were gobbling them up like they had never eaten before.


A Choffee'Ola is a delicate combination of roasted oatmeal and coconut, combined with brown sugar, honey, chocolate and coffee chips. All you have to do to receive your Choffee’Olas is donate to Tin KB Coffee Co Pictures LLC to get your very own box. It’s yours FREE with a donation of $10 or more. That’s right, we’ll even pay for the shipping!


Your donation will be used to support our movie productions. What better way to support indie film than treating yourself to this one of a kind edible inspiration! Choffee’Olas are not available in stores and can only be obtained here with your generous gift of $10 or more!

Donate $50 or more to receive a FREE tin of Choffee'Olas!

Comes in a Beautiful Reusable Tin!

Ingredients: Rolled roasted oats, rice crisps, coconut, unbleached flour, brown sugar, honey, butter, chocolate, coffee, vanilla and baking powder.

Matlock Donation $25

When you give a "Matlock" donation we will ship you a FREE tin of Choffee'Olas PLUS send you a signed copy of the script of your choice!

Nancy Drew $50

When you give a "Nancy Drew" donation we will ship you a FREE tin of Choffee'Olas PLUS send you Your VERY OWN GasLamp Mug!!!!

Sherlock Holmes Donation $100

Get ALL three with the Sherlock Holmes Donation! A tin of Choffee'Olas a Signed Pilot Script AND a GasLamp MUG!!! All yours for your Generious donation!!!

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