Venus and Adonis The Curse of Love

Venus and Adonis the Curse of Love

Directors:  LB McGill

Ast Director Jamie O'Connor

Screenwriter:  LB McGill

Genre:  Dramady


This is a tale about Venus, Goddess of Love and the day she tries to seduce Adonis, young huntsman. The story takes place at sunrise when she flags Adonis down from his horse. She's a bit abrasive and actually drags the lad from his mount. She ties up his stallion and proceeds to wrestle him to the ground, but he breaks free. After a long chase over hill and dale, and a lengthy diatribe on the attributes of love, Adonis becomes exhausted and returns to his palfrey. There's only one problem, his stallion has made off with a runaway breeding mare, and in spite of Adonis' efforts, cannot be recovered. He scolds Venus heartily for the loss and bids her to leave. Heartbroken at his rejection, Venus tries a gentler touch. She begins to beg him for just one kiss, but by now the day is spent, so an exasperated Adonis agrees to kiss her as long as she will say good night and allow him to return home. Satisfied with the deal- they kiss. But Venus, having tasted such sweet fruit hungers for more and asks to see him the next day. Adonis explains that he cannot, as he is expected by his friends to hunt the boar. When Venus hears that he is going boar hunting, she cries out, and begs him not to. She tells him that she fears for his life and that surely he will die. Only Adonis doesn't listen. He reacts angrily, calls her a silly woman and stalks off. After spending the night alone worried about Adonis, she hears the hunting horn at daybreak. She rushes to him, arriving at the barking hounds, she shortly discovers, his body gored to death by the boar. It is at that moment that Venus curses love...

Watch the full film here. 60 minutes

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