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Success! Location Scout for GasLamp

LB McGill June 2014


We were able to raise the funds needed to fly award-winning cinematographer Bob Bushfield from Toronto to San Diego. Following his arrival, he spent the first four days in Los Angeles pricing out camera and light packages as well meeting with various crewmembers for our future shoot. Once here in San Diego we got right to work scouring the entire downtown San Diego area for just the right locations to make GasLamp look like a million bucks! What a success! Besides finding the perfect building for Virginia's downtown business, we were able to locate a beautiful refurbished theater from the 1920's that will give us the look of a million dollar production budget. Thanks to all of you for pitching in! We couldn't have done it without you!

Help Us Fly Bob to San Diego!

LB McGill April 2014


Award winning Bob Bushfield would like to help us get GasLamp Made! We just need to fly him from Toronto Canada to San Diego. You can help. By making a small donation, not only do you receive a 160z tin of Choffee'Olas, you also support indie film! Since opening the campaign in late March of 2014, we've raised over $200 of the $700 needed to fly him out. Once he's here, he'll help us location scout and put together the budget for investors, but WE NEED YOU! Just CLICK HERE and you'll be directed to our donation page. For a small donation of $10 you'll receive our Thank You Gift. It's all yours; a delicious box of Choffee'Olas! You can only order them through our website. That's right! They don't exist anywhere else on the planet! So CLICK HERE AND FLY BOB OUT TODAY!

Venus and Adonis The Curse of Love is now complete!

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LB McGill September 2012A


After months of planning, costume making, and location scouting, we set out to film in April of 2012. was hard work. Plagued by bouts with poison oak and setbacks, like our horse trainer breaking both her legs, eventually we were able to get down to business and finish the shoot. Shooting was finished in 8 weeks. It took another 8 weeks to edit the film and 4 weeks to score it. We are proud to present to you our very first film, Venus and Adonis: The Curse of Love!

Dead Serious gets turned into graphic novel

LB McGill January 2014

When Dead Serious was first conceived as a short, we had a general idea of what it would cost to produce and how long it would take to shoot it. Months of planning lead to the development of the short. After vetting the short and the advice of others in the industry, the decision was made to turn the short into a feature. And, we once again found ourselves in the midst of budget planning. We took the whole project to brand new heights by talking to cast and crew all over the Los Angeles-Hollywood area finding the best talent for our project. With the idea of attracting investors to get the project off the ground, we took it to Haven Entertainment, located in Miami, Florida. While we continue to hone the feature and garner a buzz, Haven Publishing, a subsidiary of Haven Entertainment, has now secured the project to be turned into a graphic novel. The first installment of the graphic novel is to be released late 2014/ early 2015. A mixed media approach will only intensify the traction for the project. We are so excited at how this project is developing!


Haven Publishing Website


Dead Serious Web Site

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In Hot Pursuit of investors for GasLamp the TV Series

LB McGill February 1014

Everything’s going TV! That’s the word on the street and the evidence is undeniable with so many of the top writers, actors, and directors flocking to the small case you haven't noticed. In light of this transition in entertainment, we thought it only prudent to get in on the action. Like detective stories? Then, you are going to love our quirky, little, TV drama about a young woman in pursuit of her own personal treasure; emotional treasure that is. While she snoops around others' personal history to get to the truth, there’s a deeper truth at play that must be uncovered in order for Virginia to fully understand herself. We will keep you posted!

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